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lo-mob 1.7.1

ScreenShot of lo-mob 1.7.1 by aestesis Lo-mob brings lo-fi and photographic experimentations to your mobile pictures. Have you ever experiment with your old analog cameras? Have you put a 35mm film in a medium format body? Have you ever tried to achieve Through The Viewfinder (TTV) photography by shooting a picture with a camera through the viewfinder of another? Take a picture or choose one from your library, Lo-Mob will process it, and give you a preview of all its 39 filters, at once. You'll be able to tweak the filter you chose, altering the frame, the vignetting, the color filter or the blurring. 39 vintage and experimental photographic filters for all your pictures export in maximum resolution for all devices share on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or Twitter process previews for all filters at once edit mode to tweak filters ...
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GhostCam: Spirit Photography 1.8.0

ScreenShot of GhostCam: Spirit Photography 1.8.0 by Thepparit Insa The best spirit photography app on Android market. Make your own ghost photograph in one touch! Customize your ghost and scare your friend or even yourself. Modify pictures in your gallery to add ghost into it. Create your ghost library and make your ghost photo unique! Haunt em, scare em, make em scream! Let's celebrate the Halloween with the most haunted app! !** Become a fan of this app! Don't forget to post your epic ghost pic here! !### AD FREE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE AT: ###! !*** Photographs save in Phone's Gallery automatically ***! Features: - Lots of ghost pictures available - Automatic mode, make a ghost photograph by single click. - ...
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The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy 4.0

ScreenShot of The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy 4.0 by ditter.projektagentur GmbH The Photo Cookbook is like a private cooking course in your own kitchen with an experienced cook, who clarifies the preparation. Beautiful photography, which is displayed in high resolution especially on your iPad, illustrates every step. All of the recipes take less than half an hour to prepare – many can be made in just minutes! Every recipe starts with a photograph of all the ingredients. This is more than just a pretty picture or – even less helpful – a montage that is not to scale, so that a chili appears to be the same size as a whole fish. Instead, it serves as a handy way of checking that you have everything ready before you start cooking. Each short and straightforward step is clearly explained without any jargon or difficult technical terms. What you see in the ...
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Voice Camera Pro 3.0

ScreenShot of Voice Camera Pro 3.0 by Spa Sanctuary and Salon Inc. ★★★★★ Version 3.0 brings you New Commands, New Features, New Design and Faster Performance! Fully optimized for all iPhones, iPads and iPods ★★★★★ • With Voice Camera Pro you can capture magic moments and memories with the power of your voice. • Take family, group pictures and self portraits by placing the device upright on a surface and saying One, Two, Three or Four. Now everyone can join the picture :) • Getting dressed or need a friend's opinion on an outfit? Use Voice Camera Pro to find the perfect outfit and take pictures of yourself without pressing a button or even holding the device. • Send photos to Twitter and Facebook instantly by simply saying "Tweet" or "Facebook". • Have fun with the App and control your camera...
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Photo to Cartoon 1.0

ScreenShot of Photo to Cartoon 1.0 by ZHANG QIU FENG ● Search "Pencil vs Camera" to get our another funny app. "Excellent - He calls them funny cartoons, but this app makes some of the best enhanced portraits ever." --Akarel Featured as "New and Noteworthy" on the US App Store( Photography )! Top 1 photography app on Kuwait, Thailand App Store! Top 10 photography app for iPad on US, UK, Hong Kong App Store! Top 100 photography app for iPhone on US, UK, France, Italia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Nederland, India App Store! *************************** Photo to Cartoon converts real life photographs into cartoons with a few steps. ● iOS 4 supported ● iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad supported ● Sleek and intuitive UI ● Choose photo from photo album ● 4 adjustable parameters: Outline width/Outline blackness/Color...
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StandardCamera-With Speed mode- 2.2

ScreenShot of StandardCamera-With Speed mode- 2.2 by masahiro seto In a speed mode, please enjoy a true continuous shooting! --------------------------------------------- It was introduced with GIZMODO JAPAN! Even the 14th or less place in paid application section in Japan was effective. It is a popular application. In iPhone3GS, it corresponds to the automatic focus. A lot of photographs can be taken continuously by a fast start like the continuous shooting. The chance at a perfect shot is not missed. ● Speed Mode ・It is instantaneously preserved only by pushing the shutter. ・The size is a camera view size of 320x427. (When sending it to the carrying that ..small size.. becomes it other than iPhone, the size of the file is convenient because the state as it is of the screen is preserved. ) ・The shutter tone of the camera can be turned on, ...
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Photo Decoration - Chaaam 1.0.5

ScreenShot of Photo Decoration - Chaaam 1.0.5 by hellodea Let's decorate your photograph lovelily!!! Many photographs can also be stuck. Feature - It is a decoration lovelily with a stamp in a photograph. - Two or more photographs can be stuck. - Movement, expansion, and redo can be performed by being unrestricted. - Manage a photograph on-line. - Just fit size for the wallpaper. Recent changes: 1.0.5 bug fix Latest version: 1.0.5 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
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Camera Awesome 1.1.1

ScreenShot of Camera Awesome 1.1.1 by SmugMug "... it is by far one of the most full-powered camera apps I’ve used, and it marks an exciting advance for smartphone cameras." - The Wall Street Journal "...makes the iPhone feel less like a cameraphone and more like a phonecamera" - TIME "An iPhone app that Instagram and Apple could learn from" - ReadWriteWeb ★★★ More than 2 million downloads in less than a week! ★★★ ★★★ #1 Photography App in 55 countries! ★★★ ★★★ #1 Overall App in 10 countries ★★★ Awesomize Your Memories. awe·some·ize | To trick your friends into thinking you're a famous photographer. Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. Make your memories come alive with stunning...
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Photo Chop 1.1

ScreenShot of Photo Chop 1.1 by Sander Grout Sometimes you simply have a good reason to tear or cut up a photograph. A relationship that ended, an annoying mother in law, friends or a boss who are too interfering. ★ Cut up your photos and share the result on Facebook and Twitter! ★ This will be difficult to do with a digital photograph but Photo Chop offers a solution. Cut to your heart's content, release your emotions and shred those photographs. Cut out the disturbing factors and experience the sound of paper tearing. It all becomes even more dramatic with different backgrounds and filters. Once you have indulged in your emotions you can share the result with your social contacts via Twitter, Facebook, email or mms. What's new in Version 1.1 ✓ New name ✓ Easier Facebook and Twitter posting
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Mobile HDR 3.0

ScreenShot of Mobile HDR 3.0 by Intellsys s.r.l. Professional grade HDR photography on iPad or iPhone. Unveil your photographic skills and create amazing high dynamic range images in few simple steps. Connect your DSLR camera to the iPad and transfer the bracketed images (usually exposed with aperture priority at -1 EV, 0 EV, +1 EV intervals). Then use the Mobile HDR application to combine these images, remove blurry areas (ghosts), apply filters and adjust colors. Besides a DSLR, you can also use "HDR Photo Camera" application (available on App Store) to capture the bracketed frames. Mobile HDR application uses the exposure fusion technique to combine three independently exposed images, by selecting the most relevant elements from each of them, resulting into a high dynamic range image. Although the application attempts to correct...
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